We will have a similar set up as last year... A large meeting tent, 30 amp RV spots, and tent locations. Facilities will include portable toilets and there will also be a shower available. If you plan to tent and would like access to electric, please bring at least an 100’ extension chord. There will be central water available for tents and direct water hook ups for campers. For the sewer from campers, there will be a portable tank available to people for collecting from their RV and transporting to the dump location.


Custom T-shirts are available this year at the following link…

Be thinking of a talent that you’d like to share with the body,… poem, song, dance, testimony, scripture memory, there’s endless opportunities for ALL in this years talent night. And of course, we plan to have a market day, so you can be contemplating all opportunities in this area, please RSVP a table for your items. You can be watching the website for more detailed schedule coming soon.


We would appreciate your prayer over this event, as we are leading up, as we know the enemy doesn’t look favorably on times of strengthened community relationships and growth in God. We are looking forward to a wonderful week with everyone!