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Scheudle coming soon!



We are still finalizing the details on the schedule and will have a final schedule printed for you upon arrival. We have some exciting events this year - here are the highlights from the draft schedule:

- Mishkanim will be with us the first weekend to open the feast.

- Market Day & Visitor Day - Wednesday Oct 4

- Worship & teaching every day except Sunday & Wednesday

- Sukkah building contest

- Family Mixer (pairing up families for dinner)

- Ladies Tea Party - Some of the girls/ladies dress up in formal/semi-formal wear  



Be prepared to fix and serve meals to your family in your campsite. We are encouraging families to get together and meet other families, inviting one another over for meals. We will be having 3 themed group pot blessing meals:

- Chili Cookoff (Monday Oct 2)

- BBQ Dinner (Thursday Oct 5)

- Mexican (Friday Oct 6)

Please be prepared to bring a main dish or a side for the pot blessing meals. 

If you have any questions about the Feast, please reach out to

Eric @ 651-303-3439. 

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